2021-2022 School Year Planned Reopening Expectations

The Absarokee School District has adopted the protocols and procedures in this document to govern actions for the duration of the declared public health emergency to ensure the safety of staff and students.  Administrators, teachers and other Absarokee employees are authorized to implement the procedures in coordination with state and local health officials.  This is a working plan that will be reviewed and revised as necessary to safely navigate the upcoming school year. 


School District Meetings, Events, and Visitors



All events may proceed according to current health and safety guidelines.


Visitors and Volunteers

Visitors and volunteers will be permitted in the school with approval from the school administration.  Visitors and volunteers will need to check-in at either office. 


School Board Meetings

School Board Meetings will be held in person and on Zoom according to current health and safety guidelines. 


Health and Safety

Face Coverings

Face coverings will be optional for all staff, students, and visitors unless we have a school surge of COVID-19 cases.  Face coverings indoors are recommended, but not currently required. Federal Guidelines require masks while on public transportation, so any time a student is riding in school vehicles masks are to be worn. 


Physical Distancing

Physical distancing will be observed when appropriate. 


Quarantine for Infection and/or Close Contact

Anyone identified with COVID-19 and/or named as a close contact will be subject to quarantine according to current state and county guidelines. 

Safe Return to School Policy

Montana School District ESSER Plans

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