Yearbooks are $35.  If you purchase online during the following times, you will receive a discount.

The Fall is a great time for you and your school community to order yearbooks! You will receive these discounts when ordering early in the school year:

August 1st - September 30th = 10%

October 1st - October 31st = 5%

Step 1:  To buy a yearbook, go to and click Buy a Yearbook.  The passcode should be entered.  If it is not, enter Absarokee's passcode: 101424971432918


Step 2:  Enter your information in the pop-up box.


Step 3:  If you are a parent, claim your student.  This step is optional.


Step 4:  Add your friends.  This allows you to share photos and messages when setting up your custom pages.


Step 5:  Select the number of books you want to purchase.


Step 6:  Enter your credit card information.  You're finished!